Created an Electron-bassed kiosk application for RLMG and the Center for Astrophysics: Harvard & Smithsonian to allow science museum visitors to investigate and maniupulate astronomical images taken by a wide range of NASA telescopes telescopes and observatories.

The visitor also has the capability to have copies of the astronomical images they modify sent to them via email. In addiotion visitors can select from a number of astronomical objects and schedule an observation from one of the telescopes in the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network.


When deployed to a science museum the application displays on a large touchscreen integrated into a kiosk.

While the Electron app is a compiled and distributed as native application on both MacOS and Windows the structure of the development environment I put together also deploys a web version here that is updated everytime a commit is pushed to github.

Observing With NASA.

Application User Interface Elements

  • Splash Page the application layout is optimized for display at 1920x1080. For development purposes a fading information box is temporarily displayed on startup and whenever the window is resized. Name

  • Main menu Name

  • Find the Apollo Site Name

  • Zoom in on where the Apollo 17 mission lander touched down on the moon. Name

  • Create Your Own Masterpiece Name

  • Choose from a variety of filters and effects to transform the Whirlpool galaxy image. Name

  • Animate Images Over Time. Name

  • Animate through 10 separate images of UV light from the Sun.. Name

  • What’s Red + Green + Blue Name

  • Cosmic Reef Nebula Name

  • Invisible Light Name

  • Combine separate infrared, visible and UV images of the whirlpool Galaxy into a visible image mapped to red, green, and blue. Name

  • Take Your Own Telescope Image Name

  • Request an observation of the Whirlpool Galaxy from a MicroObservatory telescope. Name