Forest Voges and I are holding a another Shiitake and Oyster mushroom inoculation party on Saturday November 10th behind Forest’s house at 206 Cooleyville Rd, Shutesbury, MA 01072.

Folks are welcome to come by, learn how to inoculate logs, meet friendly neighbors, and take some logs home.

Spring 2018 inoculation party in light rain. assembly line in rain

If you want to bring logs to inoculate and share cut live trees sometime this week. The inoculation works better if the logs rest for several weeks before inoculation to let some of the trees natural anti-fungal properties disappate. That means cutting by this weekend (Oct 27-28) would be great.

If you are bringing logs let me soon so we can order enough supplies.

It usually takes about a year before the first mushrooms fruit from an inoculated log. After this a log might fruit for the next 3-5 years. Some types of species and strains fruit every couple of months from spring to fall. Other types might only fruit in the fall.

We’ll setup around 10, potluck lunch around 12:30 and depending on how many logs, people, and weather will end between 2:30 and 4.

The cash outlay for materials and supplies usually runs between $90-120 we’ve done between 90 and 160 logs in a session. We encourage people to contribute what they can and what feels fair.

Lots more information about inoculation and care of mushroom logs.

More pictures and video from our spring 2018 inoculation party.